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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pure Evil

Their very name strikes fear into the hearts of mother's everywhere: ants. Now ants are not just the kind of creatures that seek out food and run off on their merry little way. No. No. No. They are obsessed, non-relenting to the point that they could drive any normal person insane. I am talking compulsion to the point of being evil.

They are like miniature spawns of Satan himself. Completely aggressive and persistent. You caulk a hole and they find another hole in your house. . . . and there is always another hole, always another entrance from their world to yours. They never, ever stop. Like the Terminator. They just keep coming. There is no stopping them.

I recently came across a product that I would happily endorse in the fight against these evil doers. I mean I sprayed this product all over my basil plant, which they were living in. Oh yes! Oh yes people. They made a nest inside my house plant. I kid you not. I was beyond upset and disgusted. Some little teenage ant queen thought she could conquer my house and take my plant as her castle. Bitch did not know who she was dealing with.

Muhahaha! But see? She had no clue. She was not prepared for me. Nope. Anyway, I sprayed the entire pot with EcoSmart and those little buggers all crawled out of my pot and died right there. Oh. I couldn't possibly contain my joy when I vacuumed those little bastards up.

EcoSmart is completely organic, so it's safe for your home, your kitchen, bathroom, anywhere your kids or pets play. It's basically herbs and a lot of citronella. I mean your house will smell like mint for a while but who even minds that so much? I just make some nice mint tea to drink while I rejoice. :D

And now? Now I wait until they find another hole so that I can spray it ASAP. I lurk, waiting for my opportunity. They seem to have disappeared, so I wait. Now who's evil? :D


Kathy said...

Send this to Janie Rios. She needs it badly.

Ame said...

Okay Mama. I will get her some. I buy it at Albertson's. It's the only place I have found that sells it.

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