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Friday, August 16, 2013

Cute, Crazy Pups

33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right NowOh no. Not John Mayer again. I just can't.

This dog who just CANNOT handle this water right now.

Aaaaa-aaaahh!! Who refilled the pool with COLD water? 

This dog that cannot physically wait any longer for this piece of food.  "Did you just say I could have that?"

"I find these new hats are exceptionally comfortable. I'm sure they will be in great fashion this season. If you have the means I highly suggest picking one up." This dog who can't handle this new hat he just bought at the thrift shop.
33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right NowI'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! And I know . . I know . . I know . . . I love the newpaper. Oh ya! This dog who is so freakin' happy, he just physically CANNOT."Hahahahahahahaha!
 I can't believe you said that!"
This dog who just CAN'T handle LIFE right now because everything is happening so much.
"Did you just say you're GLAD I had a bath? If only you knew the torment."
This dog who cannot handle her new necklace.

"Get it off! Can't you see it's attacking me?"  "Why won't you help me?"

This dog who CANNOT handle the number of jelly beans in front of him.
"I finally got that bacon I've been wanting!"
This dog who kinda looks like he's handling it right now, but deep down, he can't...he just can't handle it."Oh ya. They won't notice if there's just ONE missing. He he." 

"Right. These are baseless accusations! I am confident that my good reputation will be restored."
This dog who cannot DEAL in the face of these baseless accusations.

"Oh no. Not this again. Why do they always insist on smelling me everywhere?"Smelling everywhere.

"And then . . . . . she licked me."

  Haha! Oh. Haha!

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