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Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Misspelled Tattoos

And God will Ju(d)ge your spelling.

Possibly the most famous misspelled tatoo. Instead of Chi-town, as the man requested it says Chi-Tonw. He later sued.

Does he mean the English language?

Poor guy. Those letters are huge.

Okay, this one's stupid. She deserves that shit.

Not one, but three mistakes. . . and the idea of the tattoo . . . Can I get the Constitution on mine please?

Yep. He sued for laser surgery to fix this one.

Is it funny that it's misspelled or a tragedy that no one will even care enough to read it and find the mistake? ;)

Too bad he doesn't own a dictionary.

Your alive? Nope. It's mine. Give it back. =P

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